oh my auggie

Easter Egg Hunting in 2010

Hey look! It’s Auggie hunting Easter eggs and being SUPER EXCITED about it!
Look at his tail… LMAO

This year he remembered *exactly* how to get them open and get his treats out.

AN EGGS *tail wag*

I sit for egg?


Sitting nicely with his basket…

It was windy. And this photo just cracks me up because of it. It’s so model-with-a-fan, LOL

Knocking the basket over, as usual…

Pushing it so all the eggs will roll out.

Checking to make sure they’re really empty. =P

I put them all back in and made him lay down next to it. AUGGIE WAS PISSED. He wanted to push the stupid basket over and dump all his eggs out.


ONE good laying down pic (and notice that I had to reposition him on the other side…)

Nomming an egg as his reward for sitting nicely. Because I’m pretty sure I had to grab an egg and hold it up like a treat to get his attention.

(Don’t you love his sheep basket? I bought one for his breeder too because she shares my sheep obsession. I also bought… um… two more to put in storage… because I won’t always just have one dog… so I… I needed more than one sheep basket… DON’T JUDGE ME)

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