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Auggie was born November 15th, 2005, the result of breeding for wonderful all-around shelties, capable of everything and anything under the sun including herding, agility, and confirmation. When I first met with his breeder, she asked me if I was interested in agility. “Sort of,” I said, “but probably just for fun, in the backyard and stuff.” If only I knew what a joke that was! Auggie got his start in serious agility work a little late, when he was just over a year old, because I was working days and attending night classes working towards my BA for much of his first year, leaving little time to learn any kind of new activity. But once we got into agility classes and started to play, I was hooked.

Since then, we’ve played in many agility trials, traveled and made our home in hotels many long weekends, and racked up a large stack of ribbons that I have no place to put. We’ve also made appearances in rally-o trials and went 3/3 working towards our RN, made a comedy act obedience appearance, have let Auggie push sheep in a circle and made a wild man appearance in a herding trial; we have future plans to take a calmer crack at sheep herding, and possibly try to do obedience again, without making the judge laugh this time.

Auggie was born with brachydactyly, meaning he is missing a joint in each of his outside front toes. As a result he does not stand firmly or flat on his paws. He was cleared for agility, but over time it became apparent that his physical disability made agility difficult for him. Most of his agility career was run in Preferred so the jump heights could be lower. After finishing his MXP and MJP, I retired Auggie from competing in agility. He is delighted to simply play agility in our backyard and to sleep on my pillow every night, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I miss competing with my best friend.

OFA good/normal, CERF normal.
Auggie’s pedigree on Sentinel’s The Flash

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