oh my auggie


First really nice day (summer-like!) in a long LONG time. I am so excited.

Auggie needs his ears thinned out. He’s got his rockstar/dreadlock look going on.

I wasn’t trying to be clever or artistic, I was just shooting.

My dog looks ridiculous when he runs because of all that hair, LOL.

I wish this one were in focus. =<

Little monster…

…is up to something. (As usual.)

Ohhhh hai. I’m a cutie.

Are you ready for this next one? Are you sure? Because I own him and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

sjguijfsdhjlsh adorable

That’s his paw there. He was up on my legs.


Imma lay down here

I look dis way?

Oh I look over here. (LOL weird face. He was making a face at a bird. Trying to figure out if he could catch it and eat it.)

And then there’s these. I didn’t set this up or intend this or anything, he just lay down and I lay down in the grass to shoot. And I took a shot and realized. So I shot a couple more, then hugged my little dog and cried a bit, thinking of a dog that I miss every single day.

Kota has always been Auggie’s hero… Auggie wants to be Kota when he grows up. Looks like he’s on his way to achieving that goal.

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