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Payton is the middle child. He earned his CGC in the fall of 2012, and debuted in agility in the summer of 2013 and amazed me by not only qualifying both of his runs, but placing second the first day and taking blue the second day. So much time with Payton was spent building a solid foundation, not just for sports, but for our relationship together. My hopes with Payton include more agility, herding, and dock diving.

Payton is named after Walter Payton, the Chicago Bear, and surprisingly he lives up to his namesake’s nickname of “Sweetness.”

Payton has his own little page on Tumblr where I did a 365 project with him as a puppy to track my baby dog growing! You can check out 365 Days of Payton on Tumblr.

OFA good/normal, CERF normal.
Payton’s pedigree on Sentinel’s Sharp Dressed Man

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