oh my auggie


I got the game in a trade on swaptree. So now I have two little Nintendog shelties (one is named Happy and the other is Rocky but that is neither here nor there.)

The problem is that I’m trying to teach these boogers tricks, which means you have to talk at the mic on the DS. And Auggie HATES it. He’ll be laying across the room chewing on a bone or something and I’ll be sitting there with my DS going “over!” … “over!” … “over!” or whatever… and Auggie is like “WHAT??? Seriously! I’m over here! I’m laying down! What do you WANT?” When I first got the game and was teaching sit he actually came over to me and sat and stared and was really confused. And I felt awful. I was like “no not YOU… the FAKE dog!”

Anyway, this is how I’m coping with my terrible urge to have another dog to work with. Training a fake dog on my DS. And obviously one wasn’t enough so I also got a second fake dog on my DS.
Well, I’m also still working on teaching “cop-cop” to Auggie, but that doesn’t drive him crazy, so it’s not really as interesting to share.

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