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Easter 2017

Real talk guys – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt this year. Auggie was so boss at it, and I knew I would be remembering him the whole time.
But it was also Rizzo’s first Easter, and it didn’t seem fair not to let him play the game… so I sucked it up and got everything ready.

Waiting outside the gate while I hid eggs.

Inside the gate, and I’m armed with three baskets, one for each dog. Payton thinks he’s ready… pretty sure he remembers this game… here we go.

Yes. Yes this is the game.

Rizzo, meanwhile, is like “Wait what we do?”

Kane found one!
But has no clue what to do with it, so he runs off.

Rizzo also found one!

And picks it up…

And figures out how to open it!

Payton, meanwhile, is channeling Auggie for once in his life.

Bing bang boom findin’ all the eggs

Kane is basically just running around behind Payton trying to figure out what everybody is so excited about.



Kane is staring really hard at this one, realizing there’s got to be something… SOMETHING… involving these things… but what?!
I felt bad for him so I opened it for him to get the cookie, and put it in his basket.

Payton rockin’ it.

Rizzo, meanwhile, is also pretty good at this…

…but he also would like to carry around and chomp on the empty eggs once he has the cookie out. Noooo no no, let’s not do that.

And Payton likes to lie down while he opens his egg and enjoy his treat. It’s a good thing the other two are kinda slow or he would miss out on a bunch of eggs.

Kane can’t figure out how to open them. He just keeps pushing the egg around with his nose until I come over and open it for him.

Rizzo doesn’t have that problem.

I PUTS IN MOUTH? But he never got this one open either.

Egg hunt done! Payton is the clear winner, but Rizzo did an amazing job for his very first time playing the game! Kane got several in his basket, but not enough for them to peek out the top. Maybe next year kiddo.

Each dog also got special Easter baskets with a bag of treats AND some bunny ears.
Two dogs think this is funny and one does not.

Easter 2016

It’s been many years since I thought it would be fun to let Auggie hunt Easter Eggs. He was such a sniffy dog, always using his nose – wouldn’t it be funny to put a treat in an egg, hide it, and have him sniff them out? In some ways we were doing “Nose Work” in our house and backyard before it was a thing people paid money for to title in. Auggie really loves this game, to the point of getting excited when he sees me get the eggs and baskets out, because he knows we’re going to play. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he gets a bunch of cookies when he finds the eggs, either.

So away we went and Auggie started cruising along.

Georgie came over to play with us all. Last year she ran around stealing eggs from everybody else, especially Auggie, who was having trouble with his old man teeth popping the eggs open. But this year I was going to hoard all of Auggie’s eggs for him. If he found one and tried to open it, but couldn’t, I would step in and help him open it, then drop it in his basket after he got the cookie.

So Miss Georgie had to find her own eggs. But being Auggie’s little niecelette, she’s pretty good at it, too.

Payton found one, whoo!

Meanwhile Auggie just rocked and rolled and grabbed everything he could sniff out or see.

My sister came over with her Henri to hunt eggs, because my yard is way bigger and has more spots to hide eggs in.

It was a bit hard for Henri to stay focused on the eggs when the entire yard smells like Payton pee.

But he did a good job of finding all his eggs, anyway.

Kaner wasn’t very good at the egg hunting. He tripped over an egg and my mom declared he “found” it, then opened it for him, thinking if he figured out there were cookies inside, he might understand the game. She grossly overestimated a puppy brain.

Payton, too, is just a little attention deficit; his constant go-go-go makes it hard for him to spend time actually opening the eggs. Finally we came to a compromise where he finds them, and just like I do with Auggie, I open them for him. This worked pretty well as Payton started looking for an egg, flopped down with it, and then stared at me expectantly to come open it. I think in Nose Work we would call this an “alert” so whatever.

I am happy to say that Auggie restored his title of Egg Hunting Champion this year after I protected all his eggs from the thief.

Not surprisingly, Georgie came in second place.

Payton actually found a decent handful this year.

And Kane “found” a whopping two, by which I mean my mom gave him the first and he picked up a second one for about a half second, and we declared he “found” that one, too.

Henri, of course, found all of his eggs.

All the little shelties with their Easter baskets.

Then, because I’m an ambitious dog trainer, I went for all five. This is not Photoshopped, we actually got all five lined up and sitting on the deck with their baskets. It wasn’t easy, but it happened. Meanwhile, the little black dog in the center is only 18 weeks old, and that big one on the end and my big Payton sometimes like to try to eat each other’s faces – but for Easter, we nail beautiful harmony.

Then I pulled out the bunny ears I bought at the Dollar Spot at Target. I may have only bought one St. Patrick’s headband, but I made no such mistake with bunny ears. I bought three pair.

Big handsome Auggie thinks his bunny ears are hilarious and Easter is awesome.

Payton, for the first time ever when he’s got something on his head, doesn’t look like he’s being beaten to death!

And the bunny ears were really too big for Kaner’s head so this was quite interesting to get them to balance and then hurry up and take a photo. But somehow, with the magic of Easter, we again made it work.

I didn’t take any photos, but after all our guests went home, I got the eggs out, stuffed them again, and let Auggie have his very own egg hunt. Just me following him with his basket, letting him find every single egg without any pressure from any other dogs running around, getting all the cookies. I think that was Auggie’s favourite part.

Happy Easter from all the little bunnies!

St. Patrick’s Day 2016

I was going to be out of town on St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to take some festive photos just a few days ahead of time. Before I even picked up Kaner, I found this green bow headband at the dollar store and bought it to use for photos. But I only had one, and I had three dogs – for the family photos, I thought, I needed two more props.

Return of the hats.

First of all, this is basically an accurate representation of our lives right now.

And then Auggie screamed when I put the bow on him. (Just kidding, he’s yawning because this is booooring.)

Then he gave me a look of disdain because I brought home a puppy.

A grudging decent face. It’s a handsome one.

I’ve got no clue if Payton is giving me a grumpy side-eye here or if he’s hoping I’ll use this as his singles ad to help him pick up bitches.

Oh, but he’s so happy!

Much much better.

Oh, hello Giraffe Neck puppy stage. I did not miss you. You make for really awkward looking photos.

Also these photos were basically all snapped as fast as possible between Kaner trying to eat the bowtie around his neck.

But it tastes like sparkles!!

Then we got the hats out and Auggie gave me a Michael Jackson impression.

Payton was like “herp derp gone fishin'”

Also, it was really windy, so this was an even bigger joke.

GOODBYE HATS. Also Kaner’s ears are trying to blow away. Good thing they’re glued onto his head.

Okay, okay, so maybe we won’t get a cute family photo with the props on. This will have to do.

16 weeks old and rockin’ his sit stays now.


Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas! Modern medicine is a Christmas miracle which left Auggie feeling back to normal the next morning. I put breakfast casserole in the oven and then we opened presents and stockings.

Auggie demands this box open immediately. Yeah, he feels fine now.

Ah, it’s open! Now, what’s inside?

THE FLASH is inside!! After a decade of my dog being The Flash, finally the dog toy makers at PetSmart have gotten it together and made us a toy of The Flash. Auggie is really happy about this.

But there’s more!

This cute abdominal snowman toy came from Petco. Auggie and I made a special trip together on Black Friday to the nearest Petco and he selected this toy for himself. It’s super cute and while it’s smaller than the toys I usually buy, it’s actually a great size!

Auggie also got a squeaky piece of coal that says “A L’il Naughty” on it, and a bag of Zuke’s Christmas treats.

Next Payton is a Christmas over-achiever and stood on his box.

Oh we OPEN the box. Oh.

This is the toy Auggie selected at Petco for his brother. I call it Manly Unicorn. Because it’s a unicorn, but the red plaid makes it rather manly.

Payton also got a new West Paw Design toy, but he looks sad here because first he got out his own squeaky lump of coal and feels bad because he is naughty and he knows it.

Next, stockings! I know, usually it’s stockings first and gifts second, but in our house we usually open presents on Christmas Eve and then stockings on Christmas Day – but since Auggie wasn’t feeling so great the previous night, we did gifts first, stockings second.

Bocce’s Peppermint Bark treats! I wanted to try these last year but couldn’t find any, so when I found them out and about on Black Friday, I snagged a bag.

Payton still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to cram his entire face in his stocking like Auggie has.

Aaaand Payton gets a bag of coal treats in his stocking.

Poor Payton! He is so naughty while Auggie is so very good.

After enjoying our breakfast casserole, we packed everything up in the car and went back home. I did not go to Christmas dinner with my family since I wanted to keep a close eye on Auggie again, so we all stayed home and watched movies. First we watched Love Actually, then Elf, then Miracle on 34th Street – and finally, because it was on TV, we finished our night of movies with Legally Blonde. Christmas dinner was a Mexican chicken and rice casserole, which in my opinion is highly festive.

Happy, happy Christmas to all!

Sheltie Egg Hunt 2015

Getting ready to hunt… Auggie is like I AM 100% FOCUSED LET’S DO THIS THING

Georgie found the easy one I set right by the deck.

Auggie ran straight past it to grab one in the yard.

And then off into the rest of the yard for another.

Georgie is very methodical, snagging the second one right near her first.

Meanwhile Payton grabbed one and started proinking around with it, then dropped it.




Auggie meanwhile is all bing-bang-boom findin’ all the eggs

Payton again dropped his first egg and found another.

Georgie is busy trying to snag as many as she can.

Payton lost the yellow egg to Georgie, did a lap, and came back to his pink egg… while Pepper in the front…

…is maybe finally figuring this game out.




Then she found another!



She is having a hell of a time actually getting them open though.

Then she found this one, which I was really impressed with because she had to jump up in the wagon to get it.

Georgie came running over to try and steal it. Georgie was VERY good at stealing eggs from the other dogs…

My mom had to help out. “No, this is PEPPER’S egg.”

She kept workin’ on it…

and got it!

Payton accidentally broke one of his egg-balls and discovered the cookie inside so he’s making an attempt here.

LOOK he figured it out.

Okay so I tried to line everybody up for a group photo, and Payton… well… Payton. So here’s the group photo.

Miss Pepper who got THREE eggs this year!! THREE!!

So very proud of herself.

Auggie is all “I’m old and exhausted, this is tough work.”

Auggie got nine eggs this year. He would have had more if I counted every one he grabbed, but his old man teeth were having a bit of trouble chomping them open, and if he couldn’t get it open he just dropped it and buzzed on to the next.

Payton with his THREE! I think this is exactly how many he got last time too…

Georgie is the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER this year with TEN eggs. She only really won because a) previously mentioned no-counts for Auggie and b) she kept stealing eggs from everybody else.

I cheat, I still win, who cares, haha.

Happy winning baby dog.

A Very Sheltie Christmas 2014

We started at my house, in front of my tree.

My baseboard is actually not installed yet, I just set it there… hence the gap. Yeah…

Oh look Peppy is happy.

Perfect Auggie first.

I really need to teach my dogs how to smile on cue.

Perfection. Best Auggie.

Oh yay! Now he will smile.

Payton next and he looks SO unhappy.

No smiles…

but he’s pretty cute.


Then there’s Pepper, who also looks sad, but that’s normal for her.


Oh yay!! It’s Christmastime!

No, whomp again.

Family photo with just ooooone happy dog… perfect Auggie.

Then back to my parent’s house for a +1 family photo.

Happy Pepper again!

Payton knows a Christmas secret… WINK.

Peppy loves her brudder. Auggie is like “if I close my eyes and wish really hard, when I open them, I will be an only dog again…”

“…no… they’re still here.”

JK JK Auggie likes Pepper too. Mostly.

Everybody looks SO SERIOUS.

Miss Georgie. I tried to carefully position her so you cannot see the absolute hack job the vets did to her hair when she was spayed.

Crap you can totally see it here.

Also I wish I had done her feet before these photos… why it’s my responsibility to trim her nails and groom her feet, I do not know, but it is… sigh.

Auggie single!


Payton single.

Still no smiles…

but still pretty cute.

MORE CHRISTMAS OVER-ACHIEVER. Practicing for footstalls.

Saaaad Pepper single.

I wasn’t trying to be artsy here, I think I was just falling over. Unfortunately I was not drunk.

Then we opened presents. After clearing out under the tree, Auggie went to his favorite spot.

Best little Christmas dog…

Georgie got to open her present.

Auggie had one of these warthogs when he was younger and it was my dad’s favorite toy to use when they played, so I bought one for Georgie.

I also found this GoDog platypus so I bought her one, hopefully it will hold up to her destruction!

Warthog and platypus! She really didn’t care much for the platypus, the warthog had so many things to chew on.

Then Auggie opens his.

Kong Christmas squeaker balls!

Also this bag of treats is really great.

Pepper… um… well she was afraid of her stuffed toy so she wouldn’t open hers. Poor Drizzle.

Payton was confused. “I can smell the treats, but I can’t SEE the treats… what is this sorcery??”

“Oh there they are.”

Looking positively unexcited about his toy, but I swear he enjoys it. Yesterday he kept grabbing it and running around the room with it while wagging all over.

Then we went to bed until the next day, when we had…


Auggie cared about little else in the stocking except the bully stick.

A lame picture of Pepper getting in her stocking… she actually had gotten sick all over the living room on Christmas Eve so I was trying to NOT let her really get much of the bully stick, but I did want her to be able to snack a teensy bit on it… poor thing.

No bully stick for sick Peppy-drizzles. But she does get a platypus of her own and some dog treats.

Payton also cares about not much but that bully stick.

He got his very own green squishy ball so he can stop stealing Auggie’s.

Festive Driz!

Oh no, a bow on a Payton. Behold the bully stick face.

And Auggie has no such time for this foolishness because he has a bully stick under the tree, thank you very much. I think this must be Auggie’s ultimate happy place actually.

Sheltie Easter 2014

I realize it’s like two weeks late.
I had a horrible migraine that day – not the worst of my life, but the second worst of my life. I was heavily medicated and did pretty much nothing all day long. I forgot my Easter stuff at my house (silly me though last year “surely by next Easter we will be moved in!” and took it all over there, and I meant to bring it back on Saturday when we were done working… but I forgot it in the garage.) so I didn’t have their eggs or baskets either.
My mom ran out to the store to buy some more meds for me and found a pack of eggs for cheap there, so she brought them home so the dogs could still hunt eggs. First, we did a hunt inside where she hid all six eggs, then one at a time we let each dog find the eggs. But the lighting in this house is awful and I was still laying on the couch just watching, so no photos of that. But a few hours later, I was FINALLY feeling better, so we went outside. I didn’t really “hide” them so much as just set them down around the front of the yard, so this is officially The Worst Sheltie Easter Ever.
But I did get pics!

The shelties… one egg.

Payton manages to escape with this one.

Cookie inside!

Auggie and Pepper.

Pepper sorta kinda got into it this year since she had time to find eggs all by herself without the other dogs… but she still was like “I found one!” and then basically just sat there with it hahaha.

She wasn’t even motivated to find other cookies… maybe she thought the egg would spontaneously produce more cookies?

Auggie finding more.

Open, eat the cookie…

…find the next egg.

Auggie doesn’t play around.

Meanwhile this was happening… Payton kept running around with an egg and Georgie trying to steal it from him… NOT THE GAME, PUPPIES.

Pepper, by the way, is in the back not grabbing at an egg, but just grabbing at the ground. Because… Pepper. And meanwhile Auggie is looking around for anything still unopened.

A derp-derp!

Yeah… that’s Payton.

That’s all… not a lot. Better ones next year hopefully!

Christmas Eve Photoshoot

First I took the dogs over to my house to get photos in front of my Christmas tree. Yes I put up my tree this year and wrapped my presents there and put them under the tree even though I’m not living there. You can’t even tell in these photos that I don’t have any baseboards.

Auggie first!

Most wonderful Auggie in the world.

I seriously will never love any dog as much as I love this one. He’s just perfection.

P next!

Very serious P.

Looking at these photos, I’m reminded of how much he REALLY looks like Auggie’s dad (and Auggie’s brother/Georgie’s dad.) As he got older he started to look less like them, but some of these photos make me go wow, he really does still look like him.

Happy P!

Back to serious P. Can’t be happy while lying down.

Pepper was wagging her tail the whole time so her tail is just a blur…

Such a happy little Pepper!

I’m sure nobody sees it but me, but she’s blowing coat because she’s about to go in season, and there are two little white tufties on her legs that I didn’t see until the photos were done… AUGH

Family photo!

The whole fam back at my parent’s house! (I brought all my presents home since we’re leaving from here to my grandma’s.) Payton is having a terrible Christmas because two bitches are in season and he can’t hump either of them.

Now everybody is having a great Christmas except Georgie. Georgie hates Christmas.

Nice family photo!

Georgie in a box!

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Auggie in the box.

“Oh. I am in a box.”

Seriously he is so good. He was just like “okay, this is what we’re doing, I’ll hang out here.”

He was going to just stay in there. Doesn’t care. I’ll take a nap. Best. Auggie. Ever.

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Payton in the box.

My mom was like “he’s not going to fit…” “Oh yes he will,” I said. “My puppy fits into spaces that seem entirely too small for him. He’ll fit.”

He just seems like he’s disembodied, that’s all.

But oh God he is SO cute.

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Pepper in the box.

Pepper is not nearly as good at this stuff as the boys are LOL. We couldn’t get her to stay put and let us sit the top on her. She’s still cute!

Georgie solo photos.

Cute girly <3
She just won’t stay sitting so all of hers are laying down.

That’s it! Presents tonight and stockings tomorrow so more photos coming soon!

Easter Egg Hunt – VIDEO!

Unfortunately I couldn’t wield both the video and DSLR, so I gave Mom the video camera… and she doesn’t really know what she’s doing… so not the greatest video, but I think it carries the idea LOL.

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Rockstar Auggie who LOVES this game… I have video… I just have to edit it.

Eggy eggy eggy eggy

Payton found one!

…but he doesn’t really know what to do with it and neither does Georgie.

“I think you eats it.”

Auggie stole it and was going to open it, but apparently after being in Payton’s mouth it tasted bad because he spat it out and started pawing at it LOL.

Payton thinks that was his anyway and he wants it back…


He lay down and started chomping it a bit and I thought he might pop it open and get the cookie…

But then this happened. *sigh*

Meanwhile Auggie was running around finding and opening all the other eggs.

Payton DID finally open his yellow egg and was surprised there was a cookie inside. Then Georgie found another yellow egg but didn’t know what to do with it, and Payton stole it, then opened it by accident and was again surprised to find a cookie.
By the time he found this one he seemed like maybe he was figuring it out… but this was the last egg!

Auggie had found all the other eggs because he is a rock star at the egg hunt.

Payton with his three eggs!

“I lick my eggy.”

“What? There’s no food in them anymore? Rip off.”

And poor Georgie with her empty basket LOL.

All three! Payton knocked over his basket by laying down when I didn’t want him to, but it was kinda cute, so I allowed it. =P

Baby Georgie with the GIANT EGG

Auggie monster with the giant egg (effing blown whites!!)

Payton with the giant egg.

Okay, Payton is NOT a “head tilt?” kind of dog… I didn’t even notice this happened until I was editing photos later and was like “FFFFFFFFF WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE OMG.”

Because it’s funny.

The sheltie boys do Halloween

I broke out Auggie’s shark costume from last year again. Shark + Pirate? Yes plz.

Payton isn’t totally sold on his pirate hat though…

Ahhhhh the shark is coming to get me!! And the pirate just lets it…

Okay, these next few require some explanation… my idea was to have Auggie lay down and then Payton stand over him. This was fine except before I could scoot back into my position to take a photo, Auggie decided he didn’t really like having Payton stand over him. So… he stood up.

and took Payton with him.

And I mean he literally took Payton with him. And I’m sorry these are blurry but I started laughing so hard I was crying. There was no way I was going to get a clear shot off. But I had to post them even though they’re blurry. My mom had to come in to help because I was literally crumpled on the floor laughing and crying and trying to get a photo and I couldn’t move to go help poor Payton.

And then the pirate vanquished the shark! I actually had Payton stand ON Auggie for this one. For some reason Auggie was fine with being stood on, just not stood over. =P

Better pose but blurry. =<

And that's how we do Halloween here, LOL.

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Pepper: I have no idea what we are doing wheeee!

Step 1: Find the egg

Step 2: Grab egg in mouth and squeeze gently to open

Step 3: Eat treat that emerges from opened egg

oh hay Auggie what you smellin over here

what is that

I think I want it but I have no idea what to do.

Auggie shows Pepper how it’s done… I think that was the only treat he let her eat. The rest he gobbled up and completely ignored her.

Auggie is ALL about this game. He rocks at it at this point.

Such a smart little man!

The other one, though… um… LOL


Pepper saw this egg while Auggie was opening one on the opposite end and she was SO EXCITED! She ran up to it all “OMG I FOUND ONE!!”

…and then promptly was like “now what I do?”

Can eats the empty eggs? She picked up an empty egg half and brought it to me while Auggie was zooming around finding all the eggs and opening them and I told her she was a very good girl, and then she thought THAT was the game: retrieving the empty egg halves. *facepalm*

Auggie and I (okay I did) felt bad for her so I put one back together and threw it for her like a tennis ball, thinking it might excite her enough she would pick it up and maybe accidentally open it and get the cookie. This was HER egg. All hers.

She still never figured it out.

Auggie says “Dis my basket. No stinky girls ‘lowed.”

Allllll my eggs!

Please forgive the fact that he needs to be groomed a bit… he’s got his mustache kinda goin’ on here…

“Okay, now you can dump them all out,” I told him.

What Auggie really thinks of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sux.

This holiday is sooooooo boring. More candy plz.

52 Weeks of Auggie – 7/52 Valentine’s Day

52 Weeks, Week 07
A puppy would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day surprise. Unfortunately mine still isn’t even conceived yet.

52 Weeks, Week 07 Reject 01
I had some “backdrop” malfunctions involved with these rejects. This one is SO cute but the backdrop didn’t cover the whole couch, so I felt funny using it as the one I liked.

52 Weeks, Week 07 Reject 02
More backdrop malfunctions. He looks so smug in this one!

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

A Very Auggie Christmas, 2010

Just about everything I asked for this year was for the dog… haaaa.
Our Christmas tree photos didn’t turn out that great though.

This would be cute if it were in focus. =<

STINKEYE. This is about what our family photos look like every year now so I can’t blame him. Somebody in our family needs to hurry up and reproduce so I don’t have to sit in front of the tree with my cousin for “kids photo” anymore. Seriously, I’m the youngest and I’m 26. I think we can stop the “kids photo” now.

Slightly mischievous look…


more grumble…

can we be done now??

This is dumb. Let’s do something else.

And then we opened stockings. At 2AM. Because we came home at midnight and had to shovel the drive before we could even get the truck up the drive, then we opened presents a 1AM (while Auggie ran berserk the entire time with entirely too much energy for 1AM) and then decided to go ahead and just open the stockings.

I grabbed my P&S instead of the DSLR because I was too freaking tired to mess with the DSLR. And the flash was off at first. Bad idea.


I loves penguin

Oh yeah, there’s more…

Yet another sheep (of course.)

It makes snoring sounds. He was mildly fascinated.

Obligatory head in stocking shot.

He refused to fish the raccoon out of the stocking no matter how much I asked him to get it… he was becoming fascinated with the flash so finally I turned it back off.

The raccoon has a bottle inside of it and is open on the bottom so you can replace it. He was really excited once he realized there was a bottle in it!

Posing with stocking toys.

Then I made him pose with his Christmas gifts… no pictures of him pulling these out of the bag. He loved that sheep, especially since he was busy running amuck while we opened our gifts.

Gifts are all opened, stockings are opened, the tree is bare of gifts… so Auggie went under the tree to curl up. He does this and gets very upset when we start stacking gifts under the tree and there’s no room for him. I think it’s because he was born in November and in his puppyhood he spent a lot of time being naughty crawling underneath the Christmas tree at his breeder’s house, LOL.

Falling asleep under the tree… zzzzz

huhwha? No I’m awake…

He got a bully stick this morning and took it under there to eat. He also wants you all to know he ALMOST caught not only a squirrel, but ALSO a rabbit out in the yard, and he came swaggering back in looking quite proud of himself. Brat.

Dear Santa…

I was very, very naughty this year.

I threw up on my mommy’s hardwood floor.
I ate something gross in the yard several times.
I totally blew the very last contact when I would have had a Q in an agility run, and then I laughed about it.
I woke my mommy up in the middle of the night approximately 20 hojillion times.
Sometimes I even finagled her into letting me sleep on her bed, and woke her up by standing on her back with my face shoved next to hers, smiling like a lunatic and staring.
I lie about having to go outside and potty at least once every day.
I have taken to biting at mommy’s knees and ankles because it’s fun.
I threw my twist n treat down the stairs, even when my mommy had just told me not to.
I got up to sniff a bitch in an obedience trial because that was more fun than a sit-stay.

Can I still have a baby brother anyway?

That darn Santa isn’t buying the whole “naughty” thing at all.

Christmas photos… at Thanksgiving

I know, I know, but when else am I supposed to do this? I have a whole THREE days in a row off now and won’t get another chance until Christmas Eve. I’m making the best of my time today.

I bought these GIANT ornaments years and years ago super cheap on Clearance for the express purpose of using them for photos with my dog. Yes, I am ridiculous, you don’t have to tell me. But look at these first and then tell me if you disagree with my decision.

And, since everybody has this totally incorrect image that my dog is sweet and adorable ALL THE TIME…

Auggie is a shark

*JAWS music*

This look of Utter Contempt brought to you by… Pepper! Or the flash on the camera. Either or.

I don’t think you can see the tail in any of these. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but I don’t have the knitting knowledge to have shaped it the way I really wanted. I took him to a costume contest yesterday (it was billed as a “parade” so I thought we’d all get to go on a little walkie parade with our dogs, but all they did was hold a contest and we left… bo-ring!) and people knew he was a shark at least. Though one woman said “Shark. Right? No, dolphin?” No, you were right the first time!

Apparently Auggie preferred being a dinosaur. Or I need to get some better pics of the costume. Perhaps both.

Patriotic Puppy… or, dyeing your dog with sidewalk chalk

You can hardly see the blue. D= It sort of just looks like he killed something. I swear I was going for “red, white, and blue” rather than “murdered a bird and ate it.”

I said “cookie?” to get him to look at me. Does he look like he distrusts me to you..?

You can see the blue here better.

And a few from the day before…

He was so happy until I coloured him with red and blue…..

What Auggie thinks of being coloured with sidewalk chalk.

Easter Egg Hunting in 2010

Hey look! It’s Auggie hunting Easter eggs and being SUPER EXCITED about it!
Look at his tail… LMAO

This year he remembered *exactly* how to get them open and get his treats out.

AN EGGS *tail wag*

I sit for egg?


Sitting nicely with his basket…

It was windy. And this photo just cracks me up because of it. It’s so model-with-a-fan, LOL

Knocking the basket over, as usual…

Pushing it so all the eggs will roll out.

Checking to make sure they’re really empty. =P

I put them all back in and made him lay down next to it. AUGGIE WAS PISSED. He wanted to push the stupid basket over and dump all his eggs out.


ONE good laying down pic (and notice that I had to reposition him on the other side…)

Nomming an egg as his reward for sitting nicely. Because I’m pretty sure I had to grab an egg and hold it up like a treat to get his attention.

(Don’t you love his sheep basket? I bought one for his breeder too because she shares my sheep obsession. I also bought… um… two more to put in storage… because I won’t always just have one dog… so I… I needed more than one sheep basket… DON’T JUDGE ME)

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning

The “winning” shot in front of the tree this year… usually I shoot a bunch and only one turns out well. This is the one. Unfortunately even this one is slightly blurry.
A LOT of these are crappy because the lighting in this house is so horrible, especially after dark when these were taken, and some of them were easier to correct in Photoshop than others… some just came out awful colour-wise. So sorry in advance.

My mom wanted to put this necklace that lights up on him… he is a very good, tolerant little boy.


He should just be glad I didn’t grab the hat with the beard attached to it this year.

No photos of him getting his snazzy presents on Christmas night… I forgot to grab the camera. He got a jolly ball, a brand new bed, and a new fleece blanket (he likes to play underneath it, or I’ll cover myself with it and he dances around outside the blanket wookie-noising at me.)
However, we opened stockings on Christmas morning and I remembered to grab the camera:

What? Dis mine, you say?

Oh yes, IS mine!!


Digging out the new loofa dog toy.

A brand new little basketball!

Pause to demonstrate to my dad one of the gifts I put in his stocking.

Auggie is tailgate tested, tailgate APPROVED!

Return to the stocking…

This brand new red ball is REALLY great. It was an awesome buy.

Playing with it right away.

All the goodies from the stocking. Considerably less than last year, but hey, there’s a recession going on… and also, he destroys fewer toys now that he’s older so I really, REALLY don’t need to buy him more. =P He has plenty.

Posing with his goodies!

Then we just hung out and played all day. It was nice to spend a day just hanging out with my little guy.

This is his new bed! At first he wasn’t sure if he liked it, so I told him I had the receipt and we could take it back, but then he changed his mind… he likes it a lot.

Staring some more at the Christmas tree… he really loves Christmas trees. Me too.


HAAAAAAAAI (oh God this picture cracks me up)

I eats camera?

Layin’ on the floor near Momma!

This was after we played with that ball for about an hour. He was tired, so he went back to his bed.

Tired… so tired… so…



I didn’t get a good shot of the back of his coat, but it has skulls and crossbones on it and says “ROCK STAR.”

Obviously we didn’t really get MUCH snow, and the wind was seriously awful. The temperature wasn’t too cold on it’s own, but the wind was super brutal, biting and strong. So we didn’t stay out long at all… we went back inside to play some more instead!

(I trimmed Auggie’s feet up today so they look much better now than they do in these pics. I honestly DO groom my dog, I promise.)

Secret Santa has visited Auggie!

The dog forum I belong to has done a Secret Santa for a couple years now, and Auggie’s Secret Santa package arrived today!

“For meeeee?”

I told him he has to always read the card first before he opens presents. So he did.

Sitting pretty with all the presents! This was hard because he already knew what was in the red packages, LOL.

PUPPY CHOCOLATE OM NOM NOM NOM (the smaller red package had people chocolate in it so it was put away immediately, LOL.)

I noms cuz this for me.

Sitting for a few pieces… he likes it a lot!

It was hard to make him want to open his other presents, LOL. I think he was like “YAY CHOCOLATE OKAY THAT’S IT BUHBYE”

“Whas in dis?”

A squeaky toy! Whoohoo!

Next, a lovely red lead! He tried it on. Sorta.

Sitting with his goodies! Thanks Secret Santa!!

“I can nom more chocolate now plz?”

Auggie Halloween 2009

Last year after I knit his dinosaur costume, I figured I would knit up a bumblebee for 2009. Well, I never really got around to feeling like I wanted to knit… so I didn’t. I have one of those ridiculous hot dog costumes I got at Target last year for 75% off and figured I would just put that on him. And then I couldn’t find it! So I dug around trying to find some other goodies, and located… well…

This little vampire cloak that I also got at Target (YES I LOVE TARGET) last year for $1. I also attempted a pumpkin costume that I got for $1, but he was having none of that… none. of. that. This, however, he was quite happy to wear, so he got to be a vampire this year.

While taking Halloween photos in the living room, I somehow failed to notice until editing the photos that night the record sitting in the front of the record box in the background is… Thriller.

Which is funny considering when I carved my pumpkin, I decided to go with a theme of… Thriller.

Distracted by squirrels behind me. My mom’s pumpkin of ghosts and monsters is on the left; mine is of course the Thriller pumpkin on the right.

Regal vampire puppy is regal. The other pumpkin and gourd are decorated with these little stick-in things my mom bought. I think her plan with the gourd was to carve it into a dragon… it turned out way cooler this way, I think!

Pondering sucking someone’s blood!

Plan for 2010 is a shark. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get around to the bumblebee.

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

It was nice and sunny outside, warm enough that I just needed a jacket – so OUTSIDE WE GO for the egg hunt this year! I had the camera but was slightly less inclined to throw myself on the muddy ground for photos the way I can lay on the living room floor and get photos whenever we go the egg hunt indoors, so my angles are a little different than usual.

This egg was hidden inside the gator’s mouth – I didn’t get a shot of him knocking it out of the mouth to pick it up.

Cookie treats inside the eggs!

Ohhhhh egg.

Nosing it over to me so I can open it for him…

…until he decided it was easier to open them himself.

This is the third year we’ve done an egg hunt, and this year he was pretty good at remembering how to open the eggs with just enough to pressure to pop them as opposed to actually chomping down and breaking them. (He broke a couple the first year… oops!)



All the eggs are in the basket! He wouldn’t sit nicely next to them so I gave up and told him, “Fine – get up and do something cute with the basket.”

Which means he pushed it over with his paw.

Yeah okay, I admit it – that’s pretty cute.

Trying to open them again in case he missed a cookie somehow…

He still wouldn’t sit down nicely next to them. But okay that’s pretty cute too.

He nosed the basket over to knock the rest of the eggs out…

…and resumed opening them to make SURE they were really empty.

You see, he doesn’t trust that when I say “No, the treats are REALLY gone,” that I’m being honest. I don’t know why. I’ve never lied to him.
About all the treats being gone, anyway.