oh my auggie

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Rockstar Auggie who LOVES this game… I have video… I just have to edit it.

Eggy eggy eggy eggy

Payton found one!

…but he doesn’t really know what to do with it and neither does Georgie.

“I think you eats it.”

Auggie stole it and was going to open it, but apparently after being in Payton’s mouth it tasted bad because he spat it out and started pawing at it LOL.

Payton thinks that was his anyway and he wants it back…


He lay down and started chomping it a bit and I thought he might pop it open and get the cookie…

But then this happened. *sigh*

Meanwhile Auggie was running around finding and opening all the other eggs.

Payton DID finally open his yellow egg and was surprised there was a cookie inside. Then Georgie found another yellow egg but didn’t know what to do with it, and Payton stole it, then opened it by accident and was again surprised to find a cookie.
By the time he found this one he seemed like maybe he was figuring it out… but this was the last egg!

Auggie had found all the other eggs because he is a rock star at the egg hunt.

Payton with his three eggs!

“I lick my eggy.”

“What? There’s no food in them anymore? Rip off.”

And poor Georgie with her empty basket LOL.

All three! Payton knocked over his basket by laying down when I didn’t want him to, but it was kinda cute, so I allowed it. =P

Baby Georgie with the GIANT EGG

Auggie monster with the giant egg (effing blown whites!!)

Payton with the giant egg.

Okay, Payton is NOT a “head tilt?” kind of dog… I didn’t even notice this happened until I was editing photos later and was like “FFFFFFFFF WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE OMG.”

Because it’s funny.

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