oh my auggie

Garden pics


I hope this makes you smile because it makes me smile…

Auggie, jus’ chillin’.

I so could have named him “Happy” if I wanted to… but I didn’t want to… not so soon.

Der de der!

So then I let them in the garden… but only one at a time, because there are toxic plants in there, and in order to watch and make sure nobody ate something, it had to be one at a time.
Started with Augs.

He did this on his own because he is a photowhore.

This looks very fall-like… I think this is a fire bush or something like that? I don’t know.

My boy. <3

Ahhhh cutie <3
I like when he looks like he’s laughing.

the bestest boy.

Then it was Payton’s turn…

“Look at this Payton! Oh look! Look! Payton look at this!” Finally he did look at it.

“But just look Payton.”

“Payton… just look…”


“Oh. I sowee.”

Not nearly as cute as Auggie in the end. =P He will learn to pose with time I guess.

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