oh my auggie

New toys in the yard

Yesterday Auggie and I went to PetSmart to try and find some new tugs that he would like to play with. We picked this one out and TA-DA! Tugging!! So exciting!

I let him tug with Payton briefly but mostly this will be reserved for tugging with me.

Payton says “I like this new toy! I want it.”

But I bought you your OWN new toy, Payton.

Look, it has two balls. Just like you.

No need to build tug drive on this thing.

I mean seriously.

Susan Garrett says tugging is not a duration behaviour.

…I think Payton disagrees… OMG puppy for real.

I have no idea WHAT they were looking at. I was holding the toy over the camera and they were both like “la la la, can’t see the toy…”
(And yes, Auggie looks tiny. He almost always does next to other shelties, unless they are also smaller shelties.)

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