oh my auggie

Seriously, Payton?

Two nights ago I was laying in bed on my stomach. Auggie was on my right sharing my pillow. Payton usually sleeps down at the foot of the bed or with his head draped over my legs.
All of a sudden I feel somebody walking on me… which I know it’s not Auggie because he doesn’t do that anymore PLUS he was sleeping right next to me. So Payton is walking on me.

THEN I feel him LAY DOWN on my BACK. Like I was a big human pillow.

“WHAT the HELL are you doing” I believe is what came out of my mouth.

Last night we were all tucked in bed, same thing. I was laying on my stomach and Auggie was curled up against me on the right with his head on my pillow. Payton keeps pacing around… he’d lie down, SIGH dramatically, get up, move around, try again. He kept laying down with his BUTT on Auggie’s face and I kept pushing him away until Auggie was like “meh, fine” and got up to move down to the end of the bed. Then Payton kept trying to put his butt in MY face. Twice he burrowed under the blankets… sigh, moan, shuffle around, get up, move.
I couldn’t figure out what his deal was… he’d already peed and pooped, he didn’t seem to be acting sick… just being stupid.
Then a thought occurred to me.
And I rolled over on my right side…
and Payton shoved his head against my back and IMMEDIATELY fell asleep.

Apparently he just could NOT get comfortable with me laying any differently than I normally do when we all fall asleep… usually I start on my right side and then roll over in the middle of the night or move when I get back in bed after getting up to pee.

No excuse for deciding to try and use me as a human pillow two nights ago, but maybe he just really hates it when I lay on my stomach??
Oh Payton.

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