oh my auggie

Snow + Flashlight

So it was dark by the time I got home… but Payton didn’t want to let that stop him, so I tried not to let it stop me either. I got a flashlight and the camera.
It didn’t work out that well but I got a FEW pictures that might convey Payton’s newest love… possibly even more exciting than leaves…


He plunged his face into the snow, came up for air, then plunged back down again, hahaha.


And then he got the zoomies. For like five minutes. He just kept running laps and Auggie and I stood there just waiting for him to stop completely freaking out.

The wind picked up and started blowing, and in the light from the flashlight he could see the flakes… and decided to try to catch falling snowflakes. OMG so cute.

Ugh these will make cute pictures if I actually have light while it’s snowing hahaha.

This is our first REAL snow as opposed to a small dusting… I hope it sticks around for a few days so I can try for better photos in the daylight!

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