oh my auggie

24 Photos for the 24th

For the record, I made Payton cross his paws like that. He lay down with his legs like *SPRAWL* and I was like “You look stupid. Here.”

I was actually surprised he left them after I crossed them LOL.

And his stay is so good! He is the rock star stay-er in his puppy class.

Auggie, of course, is always a rock star. I was thinking I would like to take another class with him just because he would be so good it would make me feel like hot $@)# LOL.

My boys. <3

Just Georgie-Porgie!

She has had runny poo the last few days. We finally got her pooping solid again so she got a bath this morning to wash all the icky off her butt.

My mom was like “She looks stupid from the front with her puppy hair going everywhere! Did you STYLE her like that?!”

Yes Mom that is exactly what I did. I made your puppy look like she stuck her tongue in the electrical socket. On purpose. That is what I did.

Mom: “She looks like a HUSKY or something.”
Me: “No, she looks like a SHELTIE PUPPY. That’s what they LOOK LIKE.” Poor Georgie. I think she’s adorable, LOL.

Just Uncle Auggie with baby Georgie… aww!

Payton kept trying to ruin these photos by wandering in front of the camera. STUPID PAYTON

I love this one LOL… Auggie’s face…

Auggie has recently decided he doesn’t completely hate her after all. I’m sooo glad!

I tried to get him to wrap his leg over her but he was like “NO.” Okay, okay. I guess I shouldn’t push it.

Soooo if you make funny sounds Georgie tilts her head…

so that’s what I was doing… because it’s soooo freaking cute.

and over and over and over hahaha. I was making sounds like Pepper makes hahaha. I always say she sounds like Blue from Blue’s Clues. Bow-bo-bo-bow!

All three dogs! Aaaand Auggie looks pissed LMAO. Thanks Aug…

Little less pissed. (And yes I was still making Pepper-noises at Georgie.)

Probably the best shot of all three. Stupid Auggie and his stupid angry face hahaha.

The babies messing up the shot…

This is why Auggie always looks pissed. “JUST SIT STILL AND TAKE THE STUPID PHOTO YOU GUYS. GOSH!! IDIOTS.” (/Napoleon Dynamite)

Aaaand Payton started crawling away because he found something on the floor so one more of just Uncle Aug and the baby.

Merry Christmas everybody. =>

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