oh my auggie

A Very Sheltie Christmas

Yes okay I am AWARE that Christmas was almost a week ago OKAY I KNOW

Georgie gets to open her presents first!

Ooooh what’s in the box?

I eats this?

I eats the cardboard tag instead.
This was my present to Georgie. I bought her that Cuz toy (because she defuzzed one of Auggie’s balls so I got her that to try and defuzz), her very own firehose, an orange monkey, and something else I can’t remember right now.

Auggie is next… NOM. He got a bottle wrapper from Clean Run!

Next, Paytonmobile.

Hmm, how to rip this?

He DID start ripping it but then he stopped to try and eat the paper he’d just ripped off. So I had to help him. He got a sheepie ball also from Clean Run.

Georgie opening (one of) her present(s) from my mom… her own sheepie ball so she doesn’t have to steal mine, LOL.

The boys got a bag full of toys from me – this is Flappy, except I think his name is really Jolly (it says so on the back of him) but Flappy sounds better and he makes hilarious flapping sounds when you shake him from all those flappy legs flipping about. Payton LOVES Flappy.

Georgie stocking!

She got some Kong squeaker balls of her own, and…

this Kong squeaker bone thingie. That Auggie would like plz.

Auggie vacated so he could see what’s in his own stocking.

Gingie bread man squeaky ball!

Obligatory head in stocking shot.

Payton sucked at de-toy-ifing his stocking, LOL, so here’s a photo of what was in his stocking.

And what was in Auggie’s stocking! Yes that is a different sheepie ball than the two sheepie balls I already own AND the new sheepie ball… yes we have lots of sheepie balls in this house… Also he got a full bag of those orange Kong squeakers, but he was playing with the rest while I took this photo.

Babies playing in the wrapping paper!

And the loot for the boys. Except for the reindeer bottle wrapper, I bought a bunch of good tugging toys so they could play together.

Payton then proceeded to run around throwing all the toys in everybody’s faces, and Georgie ended up in her crate because she kept trying to steal Auggie’s new tennis balls instead of playing with her OWN new tennis balls and he was getting mad at her. And Auggie sat there like a grumpy tennis ball miser. MY TENNIS BALLS… MINE… PREEEECIOOOOOUS…

And then Christmas was over, and we all had a major sad!

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