oh my auggie

Secret Santa has arrived!

A box is here!! OMG!

So many beautiful little packages in there!

Auggie says nom nom nom my gift…

It’s a skull charm for his collar! Auggie says “oh I loves it. I kiss it.”

Payton got an awesome new toy!! I have told Georgie to keep her tiny puppy teeth off it because I love it and want to keep it safe, haha.

And Auggie got TENNIS BALLS!!

The boys were actually so enthralled with their toys they didn’t even notice there was more in the box… and that it was treats… Georgie, meanwhile, was like “Ummmm can I has?”

I couldn’t get the boys back to get a picture taken with the treats so I just took a picture on the floor, LOL.

The charms! Payton got a little bone with a blue blingy on it! And Auggie’s awesome skull and crossbones!

Payton with his dinosaur!

“Payton, that is your first ever Christmas present,” I said. “That’s exciting!”

“…well, for me, anyway.”

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