oh my auggie

Auggie photos!!

and a Payton or two snuck in there.
Auggie of course still lives here – he’s just usually off doing something else while I chase Payton around… so I made a special point of taking Auggie photos today.
These two are big because I love them. <3

Ahhhh Auggie stop being so cute <3

I wish Payton’s face were also in focus in this one!! It would be perfect!

Trying to hunt squirrels… I can’t wait until all that belly hair grows back in…

I was trying to show how close in size they are now but they wouldn’t both pose about the same. =P Payton is close but still a bit shorter. I’m thinking (hoping!) one more growth spurt and then he’ll be done and will come to rest just a little bit taller.

ohgod <3 <3

Family portrait? Nnnnnno.

Paytonfaec. That ear…

OMG the whiskers. They are driving me insane. I want to chop them off and clean up his profile SO BAD but Auggie’s breeder told me to leave it alone a bit longer. CAN’T STAND THE CURLY WHISKERS

Happy Auggie!

“Dude, seriously. You’re ruining my shot.” Little brothers ruin everything.

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