oh my auggie

Boys in the leaves

AKA snacks for Payton fall from the sky.


I can’t fit them all in my mouth!!! (but I can sure try!)

punchdrunk on leaves?

Oh God so happy

happy happy

joy joy

omg. I realize this would be so much cuter if his ears were set proper right now but <3 <3

oh lol auggie.

Auggie is like “What? Pose? Kay.”

What Payton was doing while I was asking Auggie to be pretty.

I don’t know why he’s so handsome but he sure is.

this amuses the Auggie.

I’m like foaming at the mouth over Auggie being photogenic by this point.

Ohhhhhh Payton

the snackies rain from the sky!!

I wants to catch it.

hahahaha all the leaf crumbs in his mouth…

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