oh my auggie

Dividing the Bed

I saw on a dog forum an equation for how to divide up the amount of space you get on the bed when you share with your dog.
First you add up the total number of feet. Four on Auggie and two on me. That’s six!
Next, you take the number of feet you have – so two – and the percentage of feet that you have of the total number is the percentage of the bed you get.

Therefore I get 1/3rd of the bed.

This sounds about right.

Auggie has been doing SO good sharing the bed with me at hotels and stuff that I decided to give him another shot at sharing the bed with me at home. He has been sleeping on my bed all week, and he only starts stepping on me at about 5:30am – which is when other people in the house wake up, so he takes this as his cue to start walking all over me and sticking his face approximately an inch from mine and giving me kisses and generally being very annoying for any time of day, let alone 5:30am.
The only downside to this is that my bed is hardly large enough for the two of us. I’m not supremely tall but I am 5’9, so there’s really no room for him to lay down at the foot of the bed. This leaves space for him to lay next to me, and of course when Auggie is in deep sleep he has his legs stretched out… last night he stretched his legs out and I could hear his toenails scraping up against my wall. He was literally wedged in there with no room to spare, back shoved against me and his feet against my wall. And I was laying on my side. If I try to lay on my back it’s not very comfortable, for either of us, I’m sure.

So I’ve decided once I get my own place I’m probably going to buy a King bed. I was thinking a Queen would be nice, but if all I get is 33% of the bed, suddenly 33% of a Queen doesn’t sound like enough room.
I’m going to be in even more trouble if I start sharing the bed with TWO dogs… then I only get 20% of the bed… wah!

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