oh my auggie

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Pepper: I have no idea what we are doing wheeee!

Step 1: Find the egg

Step 2: Grab egg in mouth and squeeze gently to open

Step 3: Eat treat that emerges from opened egg

oh hay Auggie what you smellin over here

what is that

I think I want it but I have no idea what to do.

Auggie shows Pepper how it’s done… I think that was the only treat he let her eat. The rest he gobbled up and completely ignored her.

Auggie is ALL about this game. He rocks at it at this point.

Such a smart little man!

The other one, though… um… LOL


Pepper saw this egg while Auggie was opening one on the opposite end and she was SO EXCITED! She ran up to it all “OMG I FOUND ONE!!”

…and then promptly was like “now what I do?”

Can eats the empty eggs? She picked up an empty egg half and brought it to me while Auggie was zooming around finding all the eggs and opening them and I told her she was a very good girl, and then she thought THAT was the game: retrieving the empty egg halves. *facepalm*

Auggie and I (okay I did) felt bad for her so I put one back together and threw it for her like a tennis ball, thinking it might excite her enough she would pick it up and maybe accidentally open it and get the cookie. This was HER egg. All hers.

She still never figured it out.

Auggie says “Dis my basket. No stinky girls ‘lowed.”

Allllll my eggs!

Please forgive the fact that he needs to be groomed a bit… he’s got his mustache kinda goin’ on here…

“Okay, now you can dump them all out,” I told him.

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