oh my auggie


We had the canine equivalent of this last night. Auggie would NOT stop terrorizing Pepper… chasing her all around the house, cornering her if he could, and then humping her.
Well, this all came to an end when he was humping her, and she finally completely freaked out…
and peed on the rug in my room.

After having been telling them to knock it off all night long, this was the last straw, and I crated them both. Auggie found this immensely unfair. It’s not like HE peed on the carpet. Why does HE have to go in the crate. Normally we get one-on-one time at night after I crate her because he’s SPECIAL. Now he had to sit in his crate and pout next to that crazy girl because SHE peed on the floor and we didn’t GET our special time.

They were right back at it again this morning with the pouncing back and forth and play-bows until I ended the game by putting Auggie on my bed, because he kept turning around and diving into my legs, and he HURTS. Probably why she still can’t decide if she really wants to commit to playing with him. He’s kind of like a miniature cannon ball.

Pepper has been living in the smaller crate that I use for agility trials. I am going to one this weekend and am actually leaving right after work, and I like to load up whatever I can in the car the night before… so I got out the HUGE crate I bought for Happy when they were living here and was going to switch Pepper into that and fold up the agility crate. So I had my mom holding Pepper while I tore down the agility crate before I could set up the giant crate, took the agility crate and set it by the door (where it always sits when I am getting stuff ready to load into the car) and looked over at Auggie in his crate and said “There. Do you know what that means?”
Mom: “He’s smiling.”
Me: “He knows that means he’s going with me.”
Mom: “I think he thinks it means Pepper’s going away.”

Little sisters are soooooo annoying.

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