oh my auggie

A Very Auggie Christmas, 2010

Just about everything I asked for this year was for the dog… haaaa.
Our Christmas tree photos didn’t turn out that great though.

This would be cute if it were in focus. =<

STINKEYE. This is about what our family photos look like every year now so I can’t blame him. Somebody in our family needs to hurry up and reproduce so I don’t have to sit in front of the tree with my cousin for “kids photo” anymore. Seriously, I’m the youngest and I’m 26. I think we can stop the “kids photo” now.

Slightly mischievous look…


more grumble…

can we be done now??

This is dumb. Let’s do something else.

And then we opened stockings. At 2AM. Because we came home at midnight and had to shovel the drive before we could even get the truck up the drive, then we opened presents a 1AM (while Auggie ran berserk the entire time with entirely too much energy for 1AM) and then decided to go ahead and just open the stockings.

I grabbed my P&S instead of the DSLR because I was too freaking tired to mess with the DSLR. And the flash was off at first. Bad idea.


I loves penguin

Oh yeah, there’s more…

Yet another sheep (of course.)

It makes snoring sounds. He was mildly fascinated.

Obligatory head in stocking shot.

He refused to fish the raccoon out of the stocking no matter how much I asked him to get it… he was becoming fascinated with the flash so finally I turned it back off.

The raccoon has a bottle inside of it and is open on the bottom so you can replace it. He was really excited once he realized there was a bottle in it!

Posing with stocking toys.

Then I made him pose with his Christmas gifts… no pictures of him pulling these out of the bag. He loved that sheep, especially since he was busy running amuck while we opened our gifts.

Gifts are all opened, stockings are opened, the tree is bare of gifts… so Auggie went under the tree to curl up. He does this and gets very upset when we start stacking gifts under the tree and there’s no room for him. I think it’s because he was born in November and in his puppyhood he spent a lot of time being naughty crawling underneath the Christmas tree at his breeder’s house, LOL.

Falling asleep under the tree… zzzzz

huhwha? No I’m awake…

He got a bully stick this morning and took it under there to eat. He also wants you all to know he ALMOST caught not only a squirrel, but ALSO a rabbit out in the yard, and he came swaggering back in looking quite proud of himself. Brat.

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