oh my auggie

Guess who’s having a birthday?

What’s a birthday??

Is THIS a birthday?

I think I like birthdays.

OMG… I think my birthday is gone already.

Auggie got his piece of cupcake on the deck instead of on the table, LOL. Poor Auggie. But it’s not your birthday.

Is there more birthday?

Mommy… I want more birthday. Make more birthday.

OMG Auggie I seriously cannot stop laughing at this picture. Like I’m in tears every time I see it.

Auggie: Birthdays are super fun!! I LIKE CAKE.
Payton: You smell like birthday.

Payton: No, seriously. I think you have some birthday in your mouth.

I think this may be the best photo I’ve ever taken. Ever.

Payton: I think you stashed some of my birthday here.

Payton: Mmmmm… brothers are delicious and taste like birthday.

I was waiting for Auggie to be like “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU TRYING TO GET ALL THE CAKE OUT OF MY MANE” and kick his butt, but it never happened. Birthdays put everybody in a good mood I guess! They wanted to stay outside and look for crumbs when I ate my lunch, and when I came outside later, Auggie’s mane was all drooled on from Payton licking and trying to get crumbs and frosting off him.

Later Payton will get his presents, but I just happened to have his cake now, so I gave him that already. Also Georgie wouldn’t behave (read: wouldn’t sit still and wear the hat) so she didn’t get any cake. >=| NO BIRTHDAY HAT, NO BIRTHDAY CAKE.

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