oh my auggie

Pool time

First, a handful of pictures from yesterday…

Auggie still takes better posed shots than Payton LOL. He’s such a supermodel.

A dur durr?

Then we got out the pool. I bought these at Target last week… pool Weebles. They wobble but they won’t sink. I thought they would be fun.


Georgie isn’t sure what to think…

Payton says “I bite?”

Every time he would go to grab one it would bob into the water. He had no idea how to deal with this hahaha.

Why does it keep running away??

I’ll just hop into the pool…

Payton is my pool puppy. He likes it. He’ll go run laps and then hop in the pool, go run laps, hop in the pool. No big deal.

Dribbles. Nice.

What? Who’s being gross?

I want to get this ducky.

Look who else is in the pool!!

Auggie hates the pool but yesterday I grabbed some treats and a clicker and taught him “get in the pool.” He did this on his own today… he walked up and kept looking in the pool and thinking about it, and finally, he climbed in. It’s just so HOT.

Hmm, it’s much cooler in here.

And all I have to do is lean over and get a drinky.

I’m not really sure what the big deal is actually.

I quite like it actually now that I’m in here.

Aaaaaahhhhh Auggie <3 <3
Somehow Payton splashed around so much he got his eyebrow wet. But only ONE eyebrow. WTF Payton.

LMAO we were trying to clicker Georgie into the pool too. She wasn’t doing it for treats though, we finally had to get out frozen green beans. Auggie also loves frozen green beans. Trying to give the green bean JUST to Georgie was funny LOL. Her face, and Auggie’s, hahahahaha.

Auggie’s face again LOL. I love how Payton’s like “mine?”

Happy Auggie!!

Payton will even sit in the pool LOL. “The water is cold on mah balls. I likes it.” Weird dog.

My Auggie <3 I'm so proud of him for getting in the pool all on his own today. I think he's going to get in it a lot more this year, so hopefully he'll be able to keep cool!!

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