oh my auggie

Wow, Payton

So the last few weeks Payton has been very restless on the bed. Pacing around, taking a long time to settle down and sleep.
Last night he actually jumped off the bed, and since I’m sick, I just rolled over and figured whatever, I don’t care.

I could hear him shuffling around a bit and it sounded like he was in the bed on the floor, so I lifted my head to look, and sure enough, he curled up in Auggie’s bed on the floor. We don’t really have beds around the house anymore, so I was kind of surprised he decided to curl up in there. Auggie does climb into that bed sometimes if we’re hanging out in my bedroom, but Payton usually doesn’t.
He stayed there almost all night. I know since I kept waking up from my throat hurting… I expected him to get out of the bed and start making trouble, but he just curled up and slept there. It was actually kind of nice, because he was in there with me, but I had more space on the bed haha. That was how I imagined things would be back when I first started letting him sleep out of his crate, but he was too little to jump on and off my bed and was still at the age where he would destroy things if he got the chance to do so, so it just became him sleeping on the bed with us (since he wouldn’t jump off, he was “stuck” up there with me… therefore he had no chance to destroy things!)

He did jump back on the bed and curl up against me when I woke up about 4am coughing so bad and I couldn’t stop coughing… it quite alarmed him. =P So he slept on the bed for the last few hours of the night. But I’m so impressed with my puppy for being so good and CALM all night long and not tearing up anything in my bedroom hahaha.

Now we’ll have to see if this becomes his new habit. I don’t mind at all – I actually think I would prefer it this way. Auggie might prefer it this way too actually.

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