oh my auggie

Family photos and a few more

A few I took with my cellphone down in Louisville, sorry for the crappy quality but I didn’t buy my cellphone for the camera… it rained pretty much every single night down there (MUD EVERYWHERE. PAYTON UP TO HIS KNEES IN MUD PUDDLES EVERY DAY, LOOKING JOYOUS. SO GLAD FOR WASH AND WEAR COATS.) so camper lighting, not the best:

Payton, Auggie, and Grandma/Great Grandma! You can see Payton’s right leg is filthy dirty… =P

Payton, Auggie’s Dad Raleigh, and Auggie. Ral is the one Payton heavily resembles. I can’t remember if I posted about this here but I saw a picture of him at a show when he was eight months old, and it was about when Payton was eight months old, and we were all like “D= D= D=” looking back and forth at the picture of Ral and at Payton… Payton looks more like Ral than Auggie does and Auggie’s his kid, LOL.

Then we came back home and I took a really long shower in which I kept thinking I HAVE NEVER FELT SO CLEAN and then washed the boys.

The baby Georgie! I took a few photos of her sister this weekend but they’re not very good LOL. And I don’t think you guys would appreciate the photo of her trying to attack my phone the way I do… hopefully we can get the sisters together again soon and I can take a good photo of her.

Paytonmobile. Pay and Georgie’s sister, neither of whom were down in Louisville to actually do conformation, were attracting a LOT of attention. Which cracks me up considering how much time Payton spent diving into mud puddles like “=D =D =D THIS IS THE BESTEST”

My Auggiedoggie. <3 I was chasing the babies around the yard and looked over and here he was, laying down on the retaining wall. My little sun worshiper.

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