oh my auggie

Do you ever realize…

So the dogs are shut in the office here with me, which is where we spend most of our time lately. Payton was trying to lick my foot. I kept moving my foot around and saying “Why are you licking? Why are you licking?” and I kept making my voice go higher and higher into a falsetto until finally I said “I’m talking in a really high pitch!!”

This confused the Payton. He sat down and looked at me.

“Does that make you sit?” I asked him, in my high pitched voice. “You look confused. And now maybe kind of disappointed. Now you look like you’re judging me. Don’t judge me.”

And I thought to myself “This is funny. I mean I’m being stupid and I’m pretty sure my dog is judging me and it’s funny. I have such funny conversations with my dogs. Somebody should put me on reality TV. Or at least write a sitcom based on my life. Because we are funny.”

Then I realized it’s probably NOT funny…
And is really just kinda sad.
which is kind of even more funny.

Maybe I need a roommate. A human one.
Or not.

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