oh my auggie

Spring in January

GORGEOUS weather today… I almost didn’t go back to work after lunch. I wanted to go for a nice run outside and then stay in the backyard with the boys allllll afternoon.

Handsome Payton. Without any dirt hanging from him. Yay!!

Playing with the basketball! PetSmart doesn’t have these anymore =< It's a shame because this one is really heading towards the end of it's life.

My very handsome Auggiemeister.

I named my puppy after a football great. Errr…


These are from yesterday – my mom opened this two liter and it started fizzing everywhere and Payton WTF????d at it. So my solution was to give him the bottle when it was empty. And he didn’t stop playing with it. Finally he flattened part of it and ripped a hole in the plastic so I took it away before he ate the darn thing.

butt in the air. he does this SO much. it’s ridiculous.

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