oh my auggie

Payton being a dork, Auggie being Auggie

Perhaps it should be Payton being Payton too.


Why does my baby dog look kind of like a smug jerk..?

More Auggie!

Auggie says “you has a stick. I wants it plz.”a

I threw the stick and Auggie changed his mind. So Payton took it instead.

Weird dog…

der de der!!

oh you have the stick?

wooooo woo woo wooooo woo!

Ohhhh Auggie…

I need to thin out his dreadlocks, just haven’t gotten around to it. I did everything else last weekend but left all the ear hair…

I love how every time I try to get a nice, handsome photo of Payton, he has sticks and dirt all over him. That’s my puppy.

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