oh my auggie

Group photos with Pepper!

The winner winner chicken dinner!

This one came close but I liked Payton’s expression in the other better.

My boys. <3 LOL Auggie looks a little pissed. Like "remember when I was an only dog? Yeah? And all the cookies went to ME? Yeah? Remember that? Yeah."

Hahaha this would be cute but Auggie’s SadFaec ruined it. “Now I have to share my cookies… boo hoo…”

LOL boys. Pepper is being good. Payton seems to be seriously considering running off to eat leaves. Auggie is still upset about sharing cookies. And OMG I just could not get them to be close to each other… it was like they all thought the other dog had cooties… I could only get two next to each other at a time and the third was floating off elsewhere.


I love how the ONLY dog looking at me in this one is Auggie… because he’s the only one I can say his name to and doesn’t think that means “IMMEDIATELY BREAK YOUR STAY AND COME RUNNING!!” Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can just say “Payton” and he gives me whiplash turns and runs at top speed to me, but the release from stay is “okay…” not the name…

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