oh my auggie

Pro Christmas shoot!

MASSIVE photodump below… some of these look very close to each other but I am just dumping in everything.

We started with Georgie because we thought she might get sleepy if we waited.

then we put antlers on her. and she hated it LOL. They all looked pretty much like this.

My mom also got photos with her and the baby, but my mom doesn’t like photos of herself, so I’m not posting any of those. They were very cute though, so hopefully my mom will get over her insecurities and print out a few.

Auggie-doggie was the first of mine up because, as we all said, you can count on Auggie to take good photos.

hahaha <3

Ah-ha! Happy dog!

One of my faves this time around.

though this one is really cute too!

Then time for me to get in the shot with Auggie. And time for Auggie to pretend he hates me.


no mommy




Seriously, what am I supposed to do with this? LOL.

Next up: Payton!

who got his ears unglued just for the photos. Which means we have to glue them back down shortly LOL.

It’s really a shame he’s in his awkward stage LOL… but oh well. I will be really happy to have these some day.

“Payton, don’t look stupid.” LOL.

I really wanted me with Payton… but they didn’t turn out very well. He wasn’t in much of a mood to be snuggled. He wanted to eat the floor instead.

But these two are okay. I just really wish more had turned out well. =/


In case you weren’t all aware of how gorgeous and cute she is, please allow her to demonstrate.

Ahhhhh she is the cutest girl <3

my girl.

LOL I know this isn’t entirely in focus but it was too funny not to include.

Time for all three… LOL. Well, we tried anyway.

Oh my doggies.

We had total “look at the camera” fail in other words. LOL. Oh well!

Holy photo overload Batman!! So many thanks to Kevin Devine Photography for these fabulous photos that they do every year.

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