oh my auggie

Photoshoot this weekend

Princess Georgie is so nice and so cute and so


No, Mom, seriously. Help me.

Where is Payton…?


There are mice in the garden this time of year. Auggie would like to eat them plz. He stuck his head through the rabbit fencing to try and get a snackie. Auggie cannot get the snackies.

Then we started doing some posed shots. Princess!

Attempt at all three dogs. The idea was to make stair steps. Our mistake was thinking that Payton had not grown again over night – he is now officially bigger than Auggie. Incorrect Stair Steps.

This would have been nice but Georgie spoiled it by laying down. In her defense, we had like a billion other nice photos but PAYTON spoiled it, so it’s not really fair to blame her. It’s really all Payton’s fault.

Uhh… okay well this one was her fault.

Baby with Uncle Auggie!

Uncle Auggie doesn’t care much for her honestly. Not that he doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t really want to play with her. She is not quite his speed and I think that’s the problem. He has no interest in slowing down and playing nice the way Payton will for her. =P

Auggie was the rock star once again and keeps his butt where I tell him to leave it, even though the babies were continually bouncing around and getting up and moving. These are out of order but this was actually one of the last ones we did. After like 20 minutes and Payton moving AGAIN, he was finally like “Seriously… I am done.” LOL. Poor Aug.


Payton: What do you mean this photo shoot isn’t all about me??

LOL at the other two dogs and then Auggie…

Then we got this out. I bought this at a garage sale for $2 for the express purpose of THIS. Thanks Aug.

I tried to do photos in the car with Payton when he was younger but he was having None. Of. That. This time he was all BEEP BEEP MM-BEEP BEEP, YEAH!!

Well, the headliner is a little busted, but I think I can fix that…

Haaaaay gurl.

This door is also kinda busted, but since it was only $2, I guess that’s okay…

They see me rollin’… they hatin’… tryin’ to catch me ridin’ durty…

The princess also got in the car.


I am too young to drive. Where is my chauffeur? Oh Payton…

We tried to take some better lit shots in the sunlight but HOLY BLOWN WHITES BATMAN.

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