oh my auggie

The sheltie boys do Halloween

I broke out Auggie’s shark costume from last year again. Shark + Pirate? Yes plz.

Payton isn’t totally sold on his pirate hat though…

Ahhhhh the shark is coming to get me!! And the pirate just lets it…

Okay, these next few require some explanation… my idea was to have Auggie lay down and then Payton stand over him. This was fine except before I could scoot back into my position to take a photo, Auggie decided he didn’t really like having Payton stand over him. So… he stood up.

and took Payton with him.

And I mean he literally took Payton with him. And I’m sorry these are blurry but I started laughing so hard I was crying. There was no way I was going to get a clear shot off. But I had to post them even though they’re blurry. My mom had to come in to help because I was literally crumpled on the floor laughing and crying and trying to get a photo and I couldn’t move to go help poor Payton.

And then the pirate vanquished the shark! I actually had Payton stand ON Auggie for this one. For some reason Auggie was fine with being stood on, just not stood over. =P

Better pose but blurry. =<

And that's how we do Halloween here, LOL.

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