oh my auggie

Pumpkin photo shoot!

So I was planning on doing this anyway. And I had a crazy idea that we would be able to get all three dogs (Auggie, Payton, and my mom’s Georgie) in one photo.



I started with Auggie because he is a) good and b) generally obedient and c) a photo whore.

I have photos from the other side but I am trying to hide his still butchered looking leg from when he had surgery… so this is his “good side” for now LOL.

Next my baby boy…

…who thinks standing still is a terrible idea…

…but will do it if you ask nicely…


only for a second.

Wait? Wha?




Auggie was mildly annoyed and kept doing his “hit your brother” trick except I wasn’t actually cuing “hit your brother.” It was totally offered behaviour. Like “DUDE, just STAY PUT. REALLY.”

He tried to protest looking in the same direction as his brother because of this annoyance.

this is as close as we got.

OMG hahahahahaha

Payton started to lay down and I wanted him to stay sitting so I said “WAIT” and he froze. Like this. *facepalm*



Stupid dogs.

So then the little baby bitch came out to play and to show them boys how it’s done.

But she is so LITTLE!

LOL chewing a treat.

She looks like she’s about to fall asleep but she was just chewing, hahaha.

Look, Payton… even the baby can do it…

AND she stays put long enough to even get a few different expressions off…

Oh no wait – my mistake –

It’s only because she wants to try and eat the hay, LOL.

I just happened to click the shutter at EXACTLY the right second for this one – she was about to jump down. I was like “OMG I REALLY hope that one was in focus…” Oh yeah. <3

Mom’s hand is in this one but look at her little face! So cute!


Aaaaand this was the last one we got before my battery died. Close! But only two dogs, LOL. We tried many times with my P&S to get all three to sit still but with Payton and Georgie together it became chaos, hahaha. Oh well… Payton then had to endure Remedial Sit-Stays for his dinner and acted like a perfect little angel. Brat.

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