oh my auggie

Big brother, little brother

I bought Payton a fire hose toy for his sharp, destructive, teething fangs. This is HIS toy, I bought it just for him.

A few minutes ago I heard Payton barking… and barking and barking. I got up to go see what he was barking at…
And discovered Auggie on the couch, laying JUST out of Payton’s reach (Payton thinks he is too small to get up on the couch) and chewing Payton’s fire hose toy. While poor Payton bounced up and down trying to reach his toy/Auggie and barking at him because he was so mad he couldn’t reach.

So after trying to get Payton to jump up on the couch and take his toy back I finally PUT him on the couch. And then he looked confused. He took the toy and then Auggie grabbed it back. Payton looked at me and then jumped off the couch.
Auggie then jumped off the couch… but left the fire hose on the couch. And here comes Auggie, marching over and smiling at me looking proud of himself, while Payton resumes bouncing up and down trying to reach the fire hose sitting towards the back of the couch JUST out of his reach.

These two. Seriously.

Despite how it may sound, they do actually love each other.

(I promise Auggie is smiling – you just can’t tell from this photo. He had a smiley face in the other photos but they were blurry.)

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