oh my auggie

My mom’s puppy

My mom also has a new puppy! We have a crazy household at the moment with Payton, who has officially entered his Holy Terror stage, and now a brand new baby. The boys are being kept apart from the little baby girl for the most part except for a few very short and VERY supervised play periods.
This baby puppy is Auggie’s niece (his brother is her dad), as well as Pepper’s niece (her sister is her mom) – and Payton’s half-niece, being that he is Pepper’s half-brother.

That bed was on clearance for like $3. We had to get it, LOL. It’s a GIANT LOOFAH DOG BED… c’mon!!

Yesterday we re-did Payton’s ears with moleskin and string… the string came undone. This was the puppy’s new fave toy.

Actually Payton is kind of her new fave toy LOL. She loves him. Auggie actually has very little interest in her for some reason, but she is playing with Payton, and as long as I watch Payton and stop him before he gets out of hand, they are doing well together!

Little Princess. I keep calling her Pretty Pretty Princess and I want soooo badly to put the Pretty Pretty Princess crown on her head. I do actually own that game so I may have to open it up and get the crown out for some photos…

She is SO flippin’ cute!

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