oh my auggie

Action shots of Payton

Finally switched modes on my camera, so I got some good shots of the puppy in motion today!

The basketball is obviously Auggie’s, but Payton loves this toy. I need to go get him a football one… I’m pretty sure they make one that’s identical but a football instead of a basketball.

One of his ears has come partially undone, I dunno if you can tell in the photos.

It’s funny because the toy is almost as big as he is, LOL. It drags on the ground unless he holds it just right.

And Auggie with his strawberry. He usually has limited interest in the plastic toys. Today he was obsessed with his plastic toys because I’ve been giving them to Payton to play with, and of course he wanted them because Payton had them. (I’m not actually complaining, I would like him to play with these more. They were slightly expensive even though I bought the majority on sale at 50% off.)

Auggie loves strawberries so it’s appropriate.

And Pay inside with the artichoke. The artichoke was the first one I bought because it was just too funny!

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