oh my auggie

Baby’s First Bath

Apologies that several are blurry – unfortunately I can’t give the puppy a bath AND take photos at the same time, so my mom was nice enough to grab the camera. Also, he’s wiggly, so getting a non-blurry shot is a crapshoot to start.

Ahhh, a wet puppy! His paws look disproportionately HUGE when all of his fur is wet down, LOL.

I don’t think I like you anymore new MomLady.

And obligatory sheltiesaurus pics… LOL.

My poor dogs.

RINSE! Look at his nice neck. He actually HAS a neck. I bet the first time he goes to see the chiropractor she’s going to tell him he has a nice neck like the rest of his family.

Is abuzed.

sooooo abuzed…

somebody start singing “Angel…”

And then I grabbed a pink towel to wrap him in, LOL. Oh the inhumanity.


Also, baby is no longer nameless – I tried many many MANY names but the only name that really, truly fits him… is Payton. After #34. If you don’t understand, watch this. If you still don’t understand after watching that, I can’t help you, LOL.

So now both of my boy dogs are named after local sports players. Which leaves Miss Pepper as the special case when she comes home to join us, LOL. Which she just plain is the exception… so I actually kinda like it that way. (Though I could start calling her “Peppers” and say she’s named after Julius Peppers, haha.)

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  1. William Rosado

    OMG…just like my Maxie girl when she was little….such a tiny cute sabled fluff ball of big personality and joy……I also adore the “are” teaching of the baby in the video post…love it….My Maxie is so special in that way and so many other unique ways that make Sheltie personalities truly unique souls that we encounter in our lifetimes…. 🙂 I would also love to communicate to you about possible getting a custom Silhouette of my Maxie if you could from a photo of my sheltie. My Maxie girl will be 2 yrs old on Nov 1.

    08/28/2011 at 4:24 PM

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