oh my auggie

Success with the wait command, and family photo attempts

Hurray!! I have started pushing “wait” with Pepper the last week or so (they have to wait before they get released to their bowls) and it looks like it’s starting to pay off! She is still very new to it, I can’t make much noise or anything or she’ll get up and come to me, but she at least has the general idea now. Unfortunately this means I can’t do much to get her to focus on me (she hates the camera and thinks it’s evil) or try to make her look a bit more excited, LOL.

Testing… testing… how far back do I dare go?

I’m maybe ten feet away and kneeling. HURRAY!

Except she’s eating grass.

Grass chew… wait for it…

graceful CHOMP

“Pepper stop eating the gr- crap.”

Okay, so I called Auggie over. He was having NONE of this.

“At least try to look like you like each other,” I said. “No,” said Auggie.


Pepper is losing interest… Auggie still loathes me for ever bringing this bitch home…

Pepper got up so now it’s Auggie’s turn for solo portraits.

Except he hates me. Hates. me. from the bottom of his soul. (This one cracks me up.)


Grudgingly looks at me…

One nice shot, aaaand-

now he’s done.

Try #2 with them both. Uhhh…

“Pepper don’t eat the-

– crap!!!”

Auggie then took pity on me, or decided to show off. I’m not sure which.

Lookin’ at the flower…

Obviously weighing in his mind how much he hates me versus how much he loves me.

Oh, be still my heart. He can be a handsome little monster when he wants to be.

Or a big cutie!

And then I had to ruin it all by bringing Pepper over.

Ummm… can we both look in the same direction?

oh LOL Auggie and your stinkeye.

Then Pepper had to blink, apparently.

Semi-nice… the focus is not very sharp but it’s close…

aaaand then Pepper makes a ridiculous face that looks like somebody drew on her with marker…

Aaaaaand Pepper’s outta here! Game over.

Good boy Auggie sat there until I said “good boy, come here.” He’s a very good little monster who will hopefully not kill me in my sleep.

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