oh my auggie

How’s this for adorable?

Pepper was in the kitchen looking down the stairs (my dad was down there and she wanted to make sure he didn’t come upstairs and surprise her.) There was an empty plastic bag on the kitchen counter and it blew onto the floor.
Pepper jumped and came in here all “Waaah! A bag fell!! It’s scary!”

Auggie was laying next to my chair and he got up, walked into the kitchen, sniffed the bag, then stood there looking over at Pepper.

She went back in the kitchen and looked at the bag, then went back to stand at the top of the stairs again.

It’s like he was all “DON’T WORRY… I shall check out the big scary bag for you!”
I do think he helps her sometimes learn to relax about things… she sees him go up to something and smell it and she feels more comfortable smelling it herself.
Auggie is a good big brother.

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