oh my auggie

Moar Panties


Playin’ in panties…

Auggie does not want the panties.

Pepper likee. Apparently she thinks Auggie is sexy in his panties. Flirt flirt!

Here she goes again. Dang it all Pepper STOP FLIRTING.

They were playing in the other room and I hear “Auggie… Auggie you can’t hump her… AUGGIE… ….ummmm…”
So I go in there and there’s PEE on the floor. But Pepper is wearing her diaper, so it HAD to have been Auggie. I thought this might have happened last time but it made more sense to have been Pepper, but now I know for sure. Auggie is trying to hump her and then pee on her like he used to do with his puppy bed. That all stopped after he was neutered but now that Pepper is around with all her girly hormones going, I guess we’re back to square one.
Freaking. hornball.

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