oh my auggie

If you didn’t know better, it might look like they’re playing


She’s too slow – and if you only knew the struggles Auggie & I have been having you would think it very funny that Pepper is too slow for Auggie…


What you don’t see is that Auggie actually turned around and ran the other direction around the jump chute to me after this because he finally realized tearing after her at top speed wasn’t actually going to influence her to play with him.

She did actually grab the tennis ball in her mouth ONCE and took a few steps towards me with it in her mouth. Unfortunately as a result of seeing her actually grab the tennis ball in her mouth I started throwing a “OH GOOD GIRL PEPPER!!” party and I think that terrified her, LOL. *facepalm*
Between Auggie, who apparently thinks the best way to initiate play is to divebomb her at top speed from across the yard, and me, who hasn’t yet learned that when she does something slightly brave that loud and exciting is probably NOT the best way to encourage her, I’m pretty sure she’s right – she IS living in a horror movie, and the Crazy Banzai Twins are ruining her life…

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