oh my auggie

Fun with Twist N Treat

I keep meaning to sit down and record a video where I go through the various treat-dispensing toys I have for Auggie and give a review on them. This morning, when I fed Auggie his breakfast, I went ahead and got out a couple of them I don’t normally use to try them again so I’ll have my thoughts on them fresh in my mind. After I played with a couple of them, I put the rest of Auggie’s breakfast into the twist ‘n treat and gave it to him.
He’s pushing it around the kitchen and then pushes it in here, and then over towards the stairs. “Auggie, don’t throw that down the stairs,” I tell him. He pushes it back in here for a little bit, and then a couple minutes later he’s back over by the stairs.
“Auggie…” I tell him.

Then I hear “thunk, THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK THUNK” as the twist ‘n treat has now been tossed down the stairs.


Go downstairs, get the twist n treat, and bring it back upstairs (and SHUT DOOR to basement stairs.) A minute later he BARKS. WHAT? It’s EMPTY, that’s what, and he’s complaining that it’s empty. Are you kidding me?? He’s never complained when his food is gone before. My mom pointed out he probably wanted his green beans, so I got those out and stuck them in the twist ‘n treat and gave it back to him.
About ten minutes later, BARK again. What now?? It’s empty AGAIN, that’s what!

Today is apparently Supreme Brat Day.

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