oh my auggie

Auggie in the blankies

There’s a photo I took of Kota when I was in photo 101:

(This is a scan of the print, so it doesn’t look the best, but you get the idea.)

I love this photo so much it’s actually matted, framed, and hanging on the wall in my bedroom, something I don’t normally do with my own art. Auggie was playing on my bed this morning and I thought I’d take a shot at re-creating it with him…

Nnnnot quite. I do wish this was in focus better, because it’s kind of cute.

Closer – but I thought Auggie looked sort of weird without his ears showing, so I tried a different approach.

Tee hee hee no.

Cute, but STILL not quite right… so I went back in the original direction, and… we got the winning shot.

Not exactly the same, but I feel like this one is the same idea but with Auggie’s own personality working for it. And also it’s adorable.

And… is it just me, or does Auggie look like he’s going gray in the face already?? Where is my baby dog? He seems to be missing.

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