oh my auggie

Oh, Auggie…

I had kind of a rotten day today. Not the worst day in the world, just stressful. I broke into the bottles of wine from our wine tasting feature and drank a glass of wine halfway through the day, it was that kind of day. Auggie has been having to work for his dinner through heeling exercises lately and I almost skipped it after work today and just threw it in his bowl, but I went ahead and worked on it with him anyway, and he did WONDERFULLY. I was starting to feel glum and thought I couldn’t clean his heel up enough in time for the obedience trial, but after today I feel a lot better. He’s actually doing much better than I thought. Outside he starts to get really wild on me but inside he really has a lovely off-lead heel (and the trial is indoors.)

So I thought, oh, maybe he knew I had a crappy day and he’s just being good to make me feel better.

Well, my dad took me and my mom out for Mexican food for dinner, and when we came back I was carrying the leftovers downstairs to put in the fridge down there… and Auggie pranced up behind me and nipped at my foot! WTF Auggie! He has never been the kind of dog to nip or mouth unless I’m running and playing with him and getting him overworked, but all of a sudden he has apparently decided he wants to be. Yesterday it was my knee while I was carrying the pumpkins, today it’s my foot while I’m carrying leftover food. I don’t know what his problem is but it’s not cute.

So much for thinking he was being extra good to make me feel better.

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