oh my auggie

Auggie’s pumpkin break

I took these when I came home for my lunch break one day…

Slightly guilty face… he was trying to sneak a nibble on the pumpkin stem.

I did the exact same thing I did last year – set up the pumpkins too far apart. Again, I apparently think I have more than one dog. Two dogs would fill that space perfectly. Two and a small puppy.




Serious Auggie is serious.

Lookin’ at a little punkin…

Lookin’ at a big punkin…

“Pfeh” says Auggie. This is in response to me trying to make him put his paws up on the pumpkin. He says no wai.

I think this is a good photo for everybody that meets Auggie and goes “OMG, he’s SO MUCH SMALLER than I thought!” It gives an idea of scale…

That’s it! Nothing spectacular but what can you do. I only had like ten minutes before I needed to go back to work.

Also he tried to nom my knee while I was carrying the pumpkins out to the yard. Thanks Auggie.

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