oh my auggie

Why didn’t anybody TELL me about these??

Saturday I drove to a confo show and got to see Auggie’s breeder do some show grooms on a couple of her dogs. A lot of scissoring had already been done the weekend before (and I missed coming to watch that because I had to work) but I still got to see quite a bit and learned some stuff. I had a little bit of spare cash that I saved to spend at the show but couldn’t find what I wanted there that was affordable enough for me, so Sunday after work I took Auggie out to the pet stores in town and tried to find an economy pair of curved shears. PetSmart’s teeny tiny little grooming section had ONE pair, and even though I haven’t had much luck with PetSmart’s “Top Paw” scissors before, I went ahead and bought them to see how they worked…

I tried them while I was home for lunch this afternoon and AUGH! I wish I’d known about this and bought a pair of curved shears AGES ago! They made it SO fast, and SO smooth, and his feet look awesome. I’ve been able to do a good job with my straight shears, but it usually takes forever and I have to do a lot of careful blending, which did I mention I don’t own a grooming table, so it consists of me sitting on the floor, hunching over and usually tilting my head at an odd angle to get a good look at Auggie’s feet? =P

I’m so happy! And even more thrilled that I got them at PetSmart and they worked!! And now I don’t have to spend an hour on Auggie’s feet or risk them looking like I completely butchered them! YAY!

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