oh my auggie


I feel awful. I have a sinus infection/cold/flu type thing going on, I have no idea. I came home from work and I just wanted to run a hot bath and try to drain my sinuses. But first I was going to feed Auggie and potty him. So I fed him and took him out to potty, and he bolts to the back fence to, I assume, bark at squirrels. Then I notice he’s not barking and his head is down and he’s EATING something.

So I yell at him to leave it and then run back to see what it is. I’m guessing it was a tomato or something from somebody’s garden that a squirrel dropped in our yard but I can’t really tell exactly what it is. Better safe than sorry, so I go grab the hydrogen peroxide. One capful… nothing. Fifteen minutes later I give him a second capful. He finally harfs up… one small mouthful of foam. So ten minutes later, a third capful. And this whole time I’m standing out there with a fever wishing I were asleep or dead.
FINALLY after the third capful he throws up three piles, one of which included his dinner. I thought he just snagged a nibble of the whatever-it-was but nope, there were huge pieces of it in his piles. So I follow him around some more and he seems done. Okay. Into the house and shut into the kitchen while I go pick up the piles of puke, drag out the hose, hose them down, and put the hose back. Come inside, survey the kitchen for more vomit… nope, nothing. Get my hands all washed up.
It’s now past six PM.

Sit down and start thinking about taking that hot bath. Check e-mail first.

Aaaand Auggie harfs under my chair, all over the white carpet that my dad INSISTED on putting down. Including nice yellow bile and even a couple green beans from his breakfast this morning! So now I have to put the dog in the crate and get the Green Machine so I can clean that up. Which of course needs more solution put in it, because I didn’t refill it the last time I used it and noticed it was going to need more solution soon. Take the machine back downstairs so I can clean out the brush head and the waste tank… and I spilled the waste tank, full of pukey-water, all over me.

Poor Auggie is now still in his crate, but without a pillow or any snuggies, because I am NOT in the mood to have to fish out a puke-covered pillow and take it downstairs to do laundry. I hope he’s seriously done puking now, because I definitely don’t feel good enough to give him a bath tonight either.

I do, however, want to kill myself.

And right after I post this the first time? Cue Auggie throwing up a mouthful of bile. At least I got him out of the crate without having him step in it… this time.

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