oh my auggie

I’m a mean mommy

So I picked up a few things at the store tonight and came home, sat on the floor, and was taking stuff out of packaging. While doing this Auggie came in to see what I was doing, we played a bit, gave kisses, then he was just hanging out watching me.
I was taking the sticker off a bottle and asked him if he wanted a sticker. Then I reached over and stuck it on his forehead and snickered and he wagged his tail and it was funny.

Then I checked my e-mail, put some stuff away, la la la, decided to take my shower… when I got out of the shower and I hear my mom outside the door going “DID YOU PUT A STICKER ON YOUR POOR DOG’S HEAD?!”

OMG! I totally forgot about the sticker and left it there. And he was running around with it on his forehead for AN HOUR.

And then I took a picture of it.

(He’s not really as sad as he looks, he was just looking at the floor because I had the flash on. But it’s funny that he looks so sad because it totally goes with the story.)

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