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Susan Salo Jumping 1

I haven’t totally abandoned all thought of the Natural Jumping program, but I got both the beginning and advanced jumping DVD’s by Susan Salo for Christmas. So right now I’m learning another method and exploring it. So far I can say that the Natural Jumping program is a very clear regiment of “do this on this day; do this on that day,” and so on and so forth. Susan Salo gives you the tools for your toolbox and you are sort of left to decide which tool you should use when. The disadvantage of this is that somebody who doesn’t know (like me) could easily end up using the screwdriver when they should still be drilling holes.
Obviously there are probably people who would prefer just being given the tools and left to their own devices; personally I liked being able to look at the book and know exactly what to work on with my dog and which point. My plan is to actually try and write up a schedule for myself to try to keep us on track.

Today is the first day I have begun to put into practice training with Susan Salo’s methods (not counting the set-point exercises I’ve been doing since last week and do not have video of.) Today I set up a straight line equal distance grid and worked Auggie through it a few times. It consists of five jumps, set 5′ apart, with the bars at 8″. It went… well… it went I guess.
Here’s video:

Watching these, I think I’m setting him up way too close to the jump. He’s supposed to take one step and then jump… I’m setting him up so close that he’s basically popping out of his sit and over the jump. Ouch. So that is my fault. I’m pretty sure his one-stride on the second and third runs there is a result of that. Not really sure what happened towards the end there where he strides on jump three.

I took a LOT of notes while watching the Beginning Jumping DVD and I need to go back to them to remind myself about troubleshooting and see what I might do here. I think the first thing to do is to drop the bars down to 4″ and work him for a few days at that height… see how he reacts.
Obviously Auggie has major jumping problems and it’s going to take a ton of work to help him one way or another.

I will say that Auggie was REALLY EXCITED to see a jump chute set up again. He kept blowing his sit-stays because he was so super excited to get through these. I don’t know. It’s weird. His confidence isn’t 100% even in the jump chutes but he seems to LOVE jumping. My mom would tell me about times last year when he would go to the back of the yard where I set up the jump chutes and he’d pace around crying and whining at her, because he wanted her to set up the chute so he could go work it.

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