oh my auggie

Auggie Halloween 2009

Last year after I knit his dinosaur costume, I figured I would knit up a bumblebee for 2009. Well, I never really got around to feeling like I wanted to knit… so I didn’t. I have one of those ridiculous hot dog costumes I got at Target last year for 75% off and figured I would just put that on him. And then I couldn’t find it! So I dug around trying to find some other goodies, and located… well…

This little vampire cloak that I also got at Target (YES I LOVE TARGET) last year for $1. I also attempted a pumpkin costume that I got for $1, but he was having none of that… none. of. that. This, however, he was quite happy to wear, so he got to be a vampire this year.

While taking Halloween photos in the living room, I somehow failed to notice until editing the photos that night the record sitting in the front of the record box in the background is… Thriller.

Which is funny considering when I carved my pumpkin, I decided to go with a theme of… Thriller.

Distracted by squirrels behind me. My mom’s pumpkin of ghosts and monsters is on the left; mine is of course the Thriller pumpkin on the right.

Regal vampire puppy is regal. The other pumpkin and gourd are decorated with these little stick-in things my mom bought. I think her plan with the gourd was to carve it into a dragon… it turned out way cooler this way, I think!

Pondering sucking someone’s blood!

Plan for 2010 is a shark. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get around to the bumblebee.

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