oh my auggie

Caramel Apples

A while back I started a new tradition with Auggie. It started one night when I climbed onto my bed to watch TV and eat a caramel apple, and Auggie wanted to come up on the bed with me. So I ate the apple and he lay next to me watching.
Now, when I eat caramel apples, I don’t eat the entire apple. I eat the outer portion of the apple – I try to get a good balance of caramel, peanuts, and apples in each bite, so usually there’s maybe a quarter of the apple left around the core that I didn’t eat. Or maybe more like half of the apple… depending on what I think a “good balance” is that day.

So I’m sitting there, having finished my caramel apple, and Auggie is sitting next to me. And I realize – hey, there are all kinds of treats that have apples in them. Why not save the waste of the remainder of this apple?
So I held it out to Auggie and he happily bit pieces of it off the stick.

From that point on it was a tradition. I would eat the good stuff and then Auggie got the remainder of the apple when I was done.
So… this is how I share with the Auggie Doggie.

These are the best caramel apples IMO… outside of getting the gourmet expensive ones at the apple orchard.


Then the Auggie starts to chomp away on it.

I told him “Okay, that’s enough.” He said “Really?”

“REALLY really?”

No, not really really. I gave him the rest.

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